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The Secret to Achieving Work-Life Balance

July 30, 2021 Penny Bauder Episode 23
This Green Planet
The Secret to Achieving Work-Life Balance
Show Notes

We’ve all heard people brag about how great of a work/life balance they have, as if juggling all these things is bad. In much of the industry, having a strong work/life balance is something to strive for. But I don’t think it exists in the way society would like to lead you to believe. That’s why today’s episode 23 of The Green Planet is about work and life harmony instead of work and life balance.

I have spent two years trying to achieve this idea of “balance” between work and life, and that’s why I believe we are setting ourselves up to fail by trying to achieve this unrealistic dream, as if the two entities of our lives are meant to be juggled and not embraced together.

Today I encourage you to look at work-life harmony through many examples. I touch upon these key points: 

  • The power of your words and redefining what work/life balance is and isn’t.
  • The importance of remaining flexible in your schedule and ability to complete tasks.
  • The benefit of being open to inspiration no matter our surroundings or current situation.
  • What we gain from prioritizing what’s essential.
  • The beauty in self care and how it can benefit your work.
  • How taking care of our mental and physical health can help us be in harmony with our work and life.

I hope you gained some insight and perhaps I changed your mind from thinking about juggling work and life and trying to remain “balanced” in these areas, and instead have found a way or two that you can find harmony between all these areas of your life and work.

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Thank you for listening!

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